How to Order

We cater for everything, from design - structural and aesthetic , to packaging your merchandising displays, making sure it gets to its final destination efficiently and with minimal cost.


-First you should go to your POS DISPLAYS from your Menu-bar and choose your desire category you want to order. You can also find your Desire POS Displays from Home Page.

# Category Page:

-You can see the all Items from your selected category. Click your desire Item or Spec. and Pricing for see the full details of your Item and Pricing Details.

# Spec. and Pricing Page:

-In this page, you can now see all the details of your selected Item and pricing from the table. Select your total Quantity you want to buy and Click Add to Cart.

# Proceed to Checkout:

- Now go to your Cart ( )from Menu-bar. You can see your Total bill on it. If your bill is ok, then click "Proceed to Checkout"

# Shipping Details:

-Fill up fields with your Shipping Details and your Payment Method. Then click Place Order

# Ready to GO!

-You are DONE!. We will deliver your Item or Contact with you for further Process!