Question and Answers

Do you stock displays?
We employ just in time manufacturing methodology. All are displays are made on demand in order to keep our prices down and provide maximum flexibility in function and form.
Do you sell plain white displays?
No, all our displays are printed from the entire exterior of the display, to just a header card with your brand/logo. At KRUMS we believe strongly in brand and product identity, if you don't want to convey your brand/product on your display, we are not the company for you.
What type of printing do you provide?
It is of the highest industry standards and we are always pursuing the development and implementation of best practices and the latest technologies. For small production runs, we do direct to board printing, which has minimal to no setup costs. With the latest hardware printers, the quality of the print is excellent. Direct to board printing offers maximum flexibility and allows for variations of an artwork design to be modified/altered over a production run.

For large production runs, we use offset printing, which is cheaper and faster than direct to board, however the setup costs must be taken into consideration.
Production Times?
We would love to give a fix time period, but we will not state a delivery time we cannot meet. There are many variables that can effort production times. Local production can be completed within 2 weeks from signoff of artwork for smaller orders and up to one month for larger orders. Overseas production is for larger orders and while are partners offshore a fast and efficient at producing high quality displays, we must allow for shipping and most orders are delivered within a 5-6 week period.
What is artwork?
Artwork is what is to be printed on your display. We are more than happy for the customer to supply the artwork or one of our team members can develop concepts and finished artwork for your display for you.
For any displays that are not from our standard range, you insist that a prototype is fabricated before we commence production. You are supplied a prototype for signoff, insuring that your finished product is exactly what you thought it would be. For the majority of projects, a $300 prototype fee is charged.
Deposit and Payments?
A deposit is required before KRUMS will commence production and in the majority of cases, all finished displays are not dispatched before full payment has been received.
As part of KRUMS stringent procedures to insure that you are 100% happy with your finished product, we do not offer returns. Why? As all products has your brand/promotion/products details on it and is only of value to you.
What is Structure Design?
We evaluate the physical properties required for the display to work for your requirements. We consider weight loadings and stability, as well as the number of products to be displayed and the size of the foot print. Once all these factors are known we can proceed with creating concepts that are appealing and functional. We consider how the display will be packaged for transport and ease of assembly. A virtual 3D model is then created. From the 3D model, we look at applying artwork/graphics where it is required, this will include logos and brand names, as well a marketing materials and slogans. Krums team of creative graphic designers do this all for you or we can simply supply you the flat pattern (die lines) templates for you own graphic designer to apply the artwork to your requirements. A sample is then made, the time period for sample making is dependent on the materials and construction method used and can be from a couple of days to weeks. Prototypes are generally made full scale and are close to the finished product as possible, but due to setup processes, the finished product is always of a higher quality than the prototype. The prototype/samples are signed off by you the client before proceeding to production. This ensures you know exactly what to expect with your finished display, it acts as an insurance policy for all parties. Before production is commenced, final packaging instructions and requirements will be determined. We supply single or multiple displays in a single carton or pre-assembled to save you time. Be confident that we are here to help and guarantee that you get a point of sale display that will suit your brand, your business, your products.
Where do you ship/deliver to?
We deliver to anywhere within Australia and the rest of the world. We offer competitive shipping rates and our logistics team can work with you to secure the success of your next marketing campaign that requires point of sale displays.
What is flat packaging?
The benefits of corrugated cardboard displays is they come flat packed ready for assembly, thus reducing transports costs down significantly. We create designs that are easy to assemble, thus reducing the costs to assemble and increasing your ROI.