Krums broad range of POS offerings can deliver significant cost savings combined with outstanding design and excellent service, means less cost and greater return on investment through increased product sales and brand awareness.

Design Services
Structural & Graphic and 3D modeling.
Designs Quality
Customised products or standard designs.
Rapid Prototyping Service
Make one before committing to a production run, don't want hidden surprises.
Quality Guarantee
Yes we deliver what is promised.
Quotation within 48 hours in most cases.
International and Interstate Shipping
Shipping across Australia and the world.
Flat Packed or Pre Fill Packed
Strategic analysis of your requirements in every aspect.
At no extra cost, we enjoy what we do and so will you

Whether you have your own design or want our experienced creative team to create one for you, we are here to help. Send us your specs and dimensions and will give you a quotation within 48 hours or call on 1800 144 118 to discuss your requirements.